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lauren&jayden 26/06/07

i keep to myself, i'll probably never tell you how i am feeling. i always take the shortcuts in life. i do what i like, but i am easily persuaded. i try to take the most out of everything, i don't wanna waste this. jayden is the most important thing in my life, everyone knows that. my friends are great at everything they do, apart from maybe school, they suck arse at that. they always make me smile and when i'm with them it's rare for me to not be laughing. i want to do something with my life and accomplish something, but not as much as i want to sit at home in bed watching seinfeld. i may come across as a bitch, but that's because i am. i don't care if you don't think i am good enough, cause i won't change for you. i am me, you get what you're given; so shut up & take it or you can leave it.

you have been in my life for a little under two years now, i love every second that you are with me. I love you more than i have ever loved anything before. and my love for you won't ever stop. you always know the right things to say to stop me from being angry and you always know the right way to hold me to keep me from crying. i love how after we cuddle i can still feel your arms around me. nothing can break us apart, we were made for each other & i don't know where i would be without you. you have taught me & showed me alot about life, i'm a better person because of it. we share absolutely everything i can't imagine living my life without you in it because you are my life you are my absolute everything and i love you.



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