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Hey, guess what? I completely updated my profile information! So, yeah...

My username is This.Useless.Heart., which is a Motion City Soundtrack reference. They are probably my favorite band ever. The only real equal they have is probably Green Day. I could list all the other bands I like or freakin' love a lot, but that would take way too long. Let's just say I have an AMAZING taste in music. Also, I love to talk music, so feel free to start up a chat. Go ahead throw an artist at me. I'm open to just about anything and I love a good debate.
As a person in general that holds true as well. I am probably one of the most open minded people you will ever meet, or at least I will try to be. I am also very optimistic, or at least I always try to be.
Also, I brought rad back. Your welcome. Smile
I'm a Vegetarian and animal rights activist. I love nature and animals and all that shit. It is cool.
I have an account on mibba, but I don't have many stories up yet because I prefer to finish my stories before I post them. I regularly visit that site and do miscellaneous other things though. Anyway back to the stories, yeah, I write a ton all the time pretty much. I also write lyrics, and I feel I'm finally improving at last. I also draw with some success and skill. Pretty much any art fascinates me. Name an art form and I have either tried it before or want to.
Also I am a massive Doctor Who fan. I love pretty much anything and everything in the Who-niverse. Yeah, I'm a huge nerd and I am very proud of it. You have been warned.
Um, I guess that sums it up rather nicely. If you want to talk about really anything at all [not even just the music, art, and sci-fi topics listed here.], feel totally free. I promise if you're nice and cool and all that I will respond in kind if I am able.


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