The Spill Canvas

The Spill Canvas
Yuri Harajuku
Crashing The Cemetary Gates

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________________I Don't Want To Be
--------------------------------------A L O N E

______________________________Hi there.
__________________________.My name is Cherry.
___________-___.__._________Le-Kun for short.
_____.______________But only my close friends call me that.
_________________Just call me whatever you want. I don't mind.

________________________-Welcome To My Profile
____________________._Everything That I like Is In Here
________________.________-Well, Not Everything.
________________._______---But you get my point...

MCR Changed My ______Life

MCR did not save my life. They changed my life. They changed my point of view at things in a good way. I love these five people, and nothing will change it. Gerard taught me to not take other people's shit and that I can be as sick as I want at my face, but I am allowed to because it's my fucking face. Frankie taught me to put as much energy as you want into something you love, don't waste your energy on crap. Bob taught me that I am able to slap, hit, punch, kick ect. any camera that is in my personal space, but if it keeps coming back, I can crawl on the ceilings. Mikey taught me not to bring a toaster into the bathtub or you will be severely electricuted. Ray taught me to never try to straighten a fro. If you do, you will not be satisfied with the results. Most of all, they taught me that I am able to be fucked up and no matter how fucked up I am, there's those five guys that are as fucked as I am. Or the next guy. I love Ray,Frank,Mikey,Gerard and Bob as equaly as I love my life. Thank you MCR. For All That You've Done.

_____Dance__ _____& __ _____Let Go

----------------And All The Wounds That Are Ever Gonna Scar Me
------------------------For All The Ghosts That Are Never Gonna Catch Me
---------------------------------If I Fall...
-----------------------------------------...D o w n...

Basically, I'm the kind of girl who will be the most random, happy, perky, stupid, lovable, cuddly teddy bear you have ever met, but think of the dark side. Will I be the one to (maybe) make sweet passionate love with you or possibly stab you 36 times when you're sleeping and when I wake up, I'll just stand there. Mocking you. This will be my excuse, 'What? What happened? I don't know anything that happened.' Oh yeah, I'm that hardcore. :]


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