Let The Flames Begin

Let The Flames Begin
Christina Lynn
im not a nugget :)

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R.I.P. Heath Ledger
April 4, 1979-January 22, 2008
R.I.P. Casey Calvert

Hello There
Well now I'm back in the middle
of the day that starts it all.
I can't begin to let you know
just what I'm feeling.
And now these red ones
make me fly,
And the blue ones help me fall.
And I think I'll blow my brains
against the ceiling.

The cup is not half empty as pessimists say
As far as he's sees, nothing's left in the cup
A whole cup full of nothing for him to indulge
Since the voice of ambition has long since been shut up;

I'm not straightedge.


I'm Christina I'm 15
i'm 5'1
dont make fun of my shortness...
because i'm not short im fun sized
I'm a pretty kewl person
well at least i like to think so.
i'm a believer in no one
I have just recently became a vegetarian
i've realized that eating animals is just like
eating a human, they have the same feelings
and they feel the same kind of pain as we do
so why eat them? when you can have good
food w/out taking a life.
i go to nixa high school
its okay at times i guess
i have some pretty kewl friends
mostely guys, tend to get along
better with them. also im a flirt but not when i'm taken

incase your wondering im single
and not looking for a relationship to be tied down in...
im just looking for fun :] and whtever happens, happens.

Now thats trippy as fuck
Just Surrender,A static lullaby, Alesana, The Almost, Armor for sleep, As cities burn, Atreyu, Blink 182, Blood Brothers, Chiodos, Circa Survive, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Devil wears prada, Elliot smith, From first to last, The Forcast, He is Legend, HelloGoodbye, Hidden in Plain View, Hollywood Undead, It Dies today, Joesphine Collective, June, Me Without you, Modest mouse, Motion City soundtrack, Norma Jean, Rise against, Soasin, Senses fail, Silverstein, Smile Empty soul, Story of the year, boys like girls, Sugercult, Taking back sunday, Tegan &;; sara, Thursday, Thrice, Underoath, The used, Paramore, Pantera, Children of bodom, Skillet, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, ZZ top, Guns and roses, Avenged sevenfold (waking the fallen), puddle of mud, alot more.:]...

the ONLY difference between a pig and a dog is how we treat them..


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**I'm ONLINE!!**



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