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My Inspiration:

I recently fell in love with the worlds most amazing guy, Joey. I have NO clue how i made it this far in life with out him. He seriously brightens up my day, and gives me an GREAT reason to want to wake up in the morning. I may have not known him for that long, and I had NO idea that it was possible to fall so deeply and madly in love with him. He is truly the most amazing guy in the world. And he just doesn't realize just HOW much I adore him. Whenever I talk to him, no matter what mood, he can always put a smile on my face. I had started to lose faith in love, and life, for that matter, before I met him. But now...I am even starting to have faith in God again, because he is like an angel that came down on this earth. I TRULY believe that he and I are soul mates. He has stolen my heart and I wouldn't want any other guy to have it. I love you so much Joey! You are truly my inspiration!

I like love my mates:

Matt= He is a totally sweet guy that I can tell absolutely ANYTHING to, I have no idea what I would do without him! He is my brother...from another mother that is. You have changed my life! ILY Matt!

Polly= Polly is a RAD friend that I just can't get enough of! She is my ducky, my funny hunny sunny bunny, and my pee pee (you had to be there...xD)! I love you so much girlie and I owe you my life! No matter what, you will always be my bestie! ILY Polly!

Tasha=Tasha is a totally awesome person. We are both awesome nerds. I have like just started talking to her...but in these past couple hours...we have found out that we have to much in common...its scary. Like REALLY scary. So she is my twin...yes thats right I have a twin..that looks nothing like me...(she is prettier!) but we ARE TWINS! From different parents. ILY Tasha!

Erika= I am a wild a crazy person, that just LOVES to have a good time. Going out to parties, or just driving around town with my mates are some of my favorite things to do. I am obsessed with music, not even lying. I know a ton of people say that music is their life, but when I say it, I MEAN IT! I am a girl that honestly hates Hollister, yes I admit it. It just isn't my thing, there are better things to spend money MUSIC!

What My Friends Think of Me:

"Erika is AMAZING. Without her my life would be so boring, I might just eat a ferret just to break the cycle. She's incredible to talk to about anything and everything, from random stuff to a serious covnersation, and a great friend. And gets really horny a lot... O_o but we love her for it! =D You've really made an impact on me. ILY <3" xXx Matt

My GSB Family:

Matt= Brother...from another mother! <3

Tasha= My twin! My Awsome Cool Nerd Twin Sister!! <3

Lisa= My OTHER twin...haha yes...thats right. And NO, we AREN'T triplets...we are just that cool. <3

Sam= My rad pet bat! [you the kind that flies?] <3

Marianna= She is my Overly Obsessed Queen Fanatic Sistah! <3



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