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Hey I'm Gabrielle. You can call me Gabby if you want. Talk to me, I can be pretty nice. Don't get on my bad side or piss me off. Im a bitch. Don't label me. Labels suck. My favorite bands are Evanescence and My Chemical Romance. I love purple Very Happy. I LOVE my best friend Valerie. She doesn't have a VF though but you can't replace her. I sleep too much. I act like a retard aha. I blare my music.
I have an AMAZING boyfriend that I love so fucking much, and he loves me. So don't even THINK about hitting on me. So my life is pretty much amazing right now. I'm so much happier because of him, and I couldn't ask for more.
-the boyfriend<3333333
-my chemical romance
-audrey kitching
-lexi lush
-being online
-cutting/dyeing hair
-gothic culture
-my friends
-my pets
-my bed<33
-colorful hair
-hello kitty
-gloomy bear
-being weird
-acting like a retard
-being alone
-deviant art
-life water
-vitamin water
-mandarin oranges
-pepperidge farm chocolate cake
-black lights
-strobe lights
-cold weather
-cyber dreads
-hair extensions
-making things
-victorian style stuff
-gothic/dark art
-dark angels
-taking pictures
-combat boots

-people who don't know what "emo" really means (it's a genre of fucking music!)
-greasy hair
-feeling dirty
-not being comfortable
-little kids
-being annoyed
-having a bunch of people around me
-hot weather
-feeling tired
-most people
-small towns
-living in the middle of nowhere
-being called anorexic. And Im NOT. I eat more than most people
-when people ask me to comment theyre pictures
-people who think they're "unique"
-writing "About mes"
-animal abusers

- my chemical romance
- mindless self indulgence
- porcelain and the tramps
- avril lavigne
- good charlotte
- allister
- flyleaf
- evanescence
- within temptation
- paramore
- fall out boy
- 30 seconds to mars
- madina lake
- panic at the disco
- phantom planet
- new years day
- no doubt
- the starting line
- scapegoat
- mest
- 3 days grace
- plain white tees
- boys like girls
- head automatica
- taking back sunday
- nirvana
- the used
- greeley estates
- ayria
- zombie girl
- the millionaires
- pink
- katy perry
- scintilla
- tatu
- cky
- jeffree star
- head automatica
- jack off jill
- renfue
- versaemerge
- betty curse
- eyes set to kill
- nickasaur
- racing kites
- some of marilyn manson's stuff
- mary magdalan
- every avenue
- tatu
- garbage
- fireflight
- hey monday
- three days grace
- miss conduct
- kenotia
- be your own pet
- dana tasker
- currents
- solstice
- sirenia
- linda strawberry
- leathermouth
- bring me the horizon
- suicide silence
- kerli
- epica
- katy perry
- crucified barbara
- angel
- angelzoom
- lunatica
- korn
- from first to last
- nirvana
- mixi
- the birthday massacre
- cky
- afi
- sum 41
- blink 182
- new found glory


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