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Hello people. Im Autumn.

1.) ok first, im absolutely IN LOVE with Green Day. they are my favorite band ever and they write really good songs.

2.) I am a punk rocker chick and if u have a problem with that then go deal with it somewhere else and when your finished, come back and see me.

3.) i love all the Green Day members equally.

4.) I am shy yet nice, spontaneous, kinda random, and very understanding.

5.) I play alot of instruments so if you wanna know, just ask.

6.) I love art and drawing everything.

7.) The songs 2000 Light Years Away and Wake Me Up When September Ends both have emotional meanings to me.

8.) I absolutely despise fakes, labels, being labeled, jerks, and a-holes

9.) Im absolutely obsessed with Green Day, but i also like other bands like:
My Chemical Romance (my second)
30 Seconds to Mars
Tokyo Hotel
Foxboro Hotubs
Rise Against
The Fustrators
and SO many more!!

92% of teens listen to rap and hip hop music. If you're part of the 8% that rock out every day. Put this in your profile fellow rocker!!

...........i walk alone, i walk alone...........

______$$$$$$$$$$##$$$######### #__
_______$$$$$$$$$_##$$######### ##_
______$$$$$$$$$$___$$######### _##
_____$_$$$$$$$$$$__$$_######_# #__
___$$__$$$$$$$$$$_$$$__###### ____
______$$$$$$$$$$__$$$___##### ____

`•.¸).•´`•«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸.¸.·´)¸.·*).·´ `·»
«·´¨*·.¸¸. GREEN DAY.¸¸.·*¨`·»
«·´`·.(¸.·´(¸.·***·.¸) `·.¸).·´`·
*•. .•** Billie Joe Armstrong*..*
/.•*•.\,.. •¤**¤•., . •¤**¤•.*

*•. .•** Mike Dirnt*..*
/.•*•.\,.. •¤**¤•., . •¤**¤•.*

*•. .•** Tre Cool*..*
/.•*•.\,.. •¤**¤•., . •¤**¤•.*

A GREEN DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!


1. You have other albums than American Idiot

2. You know other songs than American Idiot

3. You have Bullet in a bible

4. When someone says 'cool' you start thinking Tre Cool

5. Green is one of your favorite colors

6. You hate George W. Bush

7. You celebrate their birthdays

8. Your walls are covered in their posters

9. If you don't have all of their albums/dvd's, you never give up on looking for them

10. You're against war

11. You have sent an e-mail to George Bush from greendaynrdc.com

12. You buy anything that has something to do with Green Day

13. You're not ashamed to wear their merchandise stuff in school or anywhere in public

14. You scream when you hear one of their songs on the radio

15. You buy every magazine that has something about them

16. You (almost) cry when you forget to watch one of their interviews on Tv

17. At least one of their songs has emotional meaning to you

18. You start laughing in the middle of a class in school when you remember something they have said or done in an interview

19. If someone talks shit about them, you get offended and punch that motherfucker(or at least kick or something)

20. You have heard all of their songs

21. You listen to their music everyday

22. You remember many of their quotes

23. Some of their songs make you just wanna jump around and dance

24. You want to play guitar/bass/drums just like Billie Joe/Mike/Tre does

25. You make sure you spell the band name 'Green Day' and not 'green day'

26. You truly love each of the band members

27. You (almost) scream out of happiness everytime you watch Bullet in a bible

28. You never shut up about them

29. You have read Catcher in the rye because it's Billie Joe's favorite book (and you loved it)

30. You have almost very song on you ipod, iphone etc.

31. You have this on your profile

Im one of the thousand Billie Joe/Mike/Tre' petifiles lol. JOIN THE CLUB!!!!!
1. Billie Joe was in the newspaper as a kid after he he recorded "Look for Love". [edit]
2. Billie Joe use to be a vegetarian but he he gave up because he was losing too much weight. [edit]
3. Billie Joe doesn't like Eminem. [edit]
4. Billie Joe played football for John Swett High School in Crockett, CA. [edit]
5. Billie uses Jhirmack Styling Spritz to get his hair good and crunchy. [edit]
6. Billie has a guitar made with different parts called Frankenstein. [edit]
On the "1,000 Hours" record they spell Billie's name as "Billy". [edit]
7. Billie Joe when talking about future plans said he would become a soccer team coach. [edit]
8. The first album Billie Joe bought was Elvis Presley's "The Sun Sessions". [edit]
9. In the song "Sick Of Me" on Shenanigans, right before Billie Joe says "Like a dog...." you can hear a "squishy" noise. [edit]
10. Billie Joe likes to take books on tour. [edit]
11. In early 2001 Billie Joe was mugged at gunpoint and is now terrified of guns. [edit]
12. Billie Joe said that if he could be any female celebrity, he would be Chrissie Hynde. [edit]
13. Billie Joe was in a documentary called "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" in 2003. [edit]
14. t's an old tradition of Billie's that at every one of his concerts he kisses a guy. [edit]
15. For the video for the Green Day song, "Jaded", because the lyrics are about being stoned and how you feel when you're stoned, Billie decided to get high while shooting the video just to get the feel for the song. [edit]
16. The first time Billie Joe kissed his wife, Adrienne, he went home and wrote the song "2,000 Light Years Away". [edit]
17. In the second grade two girls beat up Billie Joe so that he would date them. [edit]
18. Billie Joe's mother spelled his name wrong on his birth certificate because she was unstable due to the large amounts of painkillers in her body to ease childbirth. [edit]
19. Billie Joe's cat, Zero, died in his washing machine. [edit]
20. Billie drives a blue 67 Ford Fairlane. [edit]
21. At age 15, Billie tried to go to an Operation Ivy concert, but he was refused entry. 22. One of the members of the band heard he wasn't allowed in, so they came out and personally escorted him into the show. [edit]
23. Billie Joe used to have a nose ring, but he took it out because it got caught on his shirt. [edit]
24. During his stay in school, he was nicknamed "Two Dollar Bill", because he was supplying the school with joints for two dollars. [edit]
25. Billie still plays with Pinhead Gunpowder. He has also played with The Influents, Corrupted Morals, Rancid, The Lookouts, Goodbye Harry, and Blatz. [edit]
26. Bille can play the guitar, the harmonica, the drums, the piano, the mandolin and the saxophone. [edit]
27. Billie met Mike Dirnt, Green Day's backup singer, in the school cafeteria in 1982. [edit]
28. Billie Joe is of English and Italian descent (his father), and Scottish, Dutch, Irish and Cherokee ancestry (his mother). [edit]
29. Billie is a hidden character in the game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. [edit]
30. Billie Joe does not like fast food. [edit]
31. Billie's uncle was killed in the Vietnam War. He was shot while parachuting from a plane. [edit]
32. Billie was a registered member of Poetry.com under the name of
"B Armstrong". [edit]
33. Billie is the only member of Green Day that uses his actual name. [edit]
34. Billie and his wife, Adrienne, are the co-owners of Adeline Records. [edit]
35. His height is 5'7 (170.18 cm). [edit]
36. In the making of Green Day's American Idiot, a thief stole the master recordings, forcing the band to start from scratch. [edit]
37. Billie wears Jockey underwear. [edit]
38. Billie was arrested for drunk driving on January 2003. [edit]
39. He said that he was bisexual in an interview in "The Advocate" on January 24, 1995. [edit]
40. He wrote the song "Brain Stew" while trying to get his son, Joseph to go to sleep. [edit]
41. His father gave him a guitar right before he died. Billie named his guitar "Blue". [edit]
42. Billie wrote the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" about his father's death when he was a young child and how he dealt with it then and deals with it now. 43. The song appears in the album American Idiot released in 2004. [edit]
44. He enjoys getting people up on stage at Green Day's live concerts, to play instruments with the band. [edit]
45. He married Adrienne Nesser on July 2, 1994. Their wedding ceremony was only 5 minutes long. [edit]

---And now some quotes from our boys---

Favorite Quotes from Billie Joe Armstrong:
--"School is practice for the future, and practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so why practice?" - Billie Joe
--"Music is the air that I breathe, it's the blood that pumps through my veins. I am Green Day."
--"It's my fucking life and you know what, nobody invited you...so there's the door...see ya!"
--"There's nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it."
--"Punk rock is dead...and I fucking killed it."
--"To do something that you feel in your heart that's great, you need to make a lot of mistakes. Anything that's successful is a series of mistake"
--"Punk is dead to anyone who didn't get it in the first place"
--"And for our fans, they're just crazy people anyway. I always look at people in a Green Day shirt, and I think, 'What's wrong with that person? What kind of hang-ups does that person have?' Obviously, it's not just the catchy songs, it goes deeper than that."
--"Nobody leaves this band unless it's in a coffin"
--"You have to be forgiven of you're sins now so you can start sinning all night long"
--"...and sometimes I think she may have married the end of the world."
Favorite Mike Dirnt Quotes
--"I always said that the world is a better place because of Joey Ramone"
--"If my kid didn't rebel, she wouldn't be my kid"
--"Then all of a sudden we got introduced to punk music and it was the coolest fuckin' thing"
--"It's the end of the day, I've got my chinese chicken salad, Mike's a happy boy."
Favorite Tre' Cool Quotes:
--"Roll, roll, roll the joint - twist it at the ends. Light it up and take a puff and past it to a friend."
--"It's not how you pick your nose, it's were u put that booger that counts."
--"I can count to three and repeat. I´m a drummer"
--"New Years Eve...we don't remember. They said we had fun."
--"Everyone is entitled to our opinion"
--"The band is like a marriage. We get onstage and fuck each other!"
--"Rock star outfits...commence!"
--"The radio sounds good when we're on it!"
--"Don't jack off a cactus, you'll only hurt your hand and the cactus' feelings"
--"You think your life is tough? Try being a parent"


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