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I'm jessica,
I was born and raised in The Netherlands love the country (not at the moment, but in general) (hate right politicians) hate the weather.
I don't fit into categories well. I'm a bit punk, alto, grunge, flower power, gothic wathever. To be short i am ME. I tend to like what i like, without minding what other people think about me. (knowing that that isn't entirely true, i am only human)

studied mental health sciences at Maastricht university, so i am a bit weird Wink but you get used to that easily. Basicly i am a psychologist.

i love going to festivals, concerts, having fun with my friends, talking, having discussions (read winning discussions Wink) , having a laugh, horses, politics, F1 ( i warned you i was a bit weird Razz), people in general. I also love sarcasm, like most dutch people do, so if i offend you remember it could be sarcasm. ~~

At the moment i work with people with brain damage, i do like it but i would rather work with people who are mentaly disabled (yes there is a difference). I would also love to have a job in politics (still not weirded out?!?) Left wing ofcourse (read european left wing, not to be confused with american left wing, not that there is anything wrong with it but there is a big difference, at least that is my impression)

love music in almost every way shape or form, (hate anything trance, hardcore or house related, jugh).
love Green Day, FBHT, the doors, beatles, muse, de dijk, nirvana, foo fighters, musicals, some classical music and much much more, just not easy to pin down what i like Very Happy. I think music is a way of live and you should be open to all kinds. I love to sing, but working irregular hours stop me from doing anything with that.

Love to read books just for fun or to learn from, i watch tv to much and don't go out enough (when is it ever enough!!!)

Love my family and friends.
At the moment single and loving it but ready to dive into a relationship with mister right.

Love people with strong opinions who respect people with other opinions.
I have no religion, i just believe in humanity ........ how is that for testing your faith.

Green Day songs that i can relate most to is minority and basketcase.

WOW you made it untill the end of my about, good for you!!! lmfao If your still not weirded out, add me lmfao

i am a bit dyslexic in dutch and english so sorry for my grammar



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