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Basics: :]
Well, Ma Names Anneka, Im 13 Years Young, Live In A Lil Village In England Tht No-Ones Heard Ov, Got 3 Bros And 4 Sisters, Ma Life Aint Tha Special Really, Love Music, Ma Mates And Family To Bits N Dnno Wht Id Do Without Them, I Dont Care What People Think Of Me Cos Thats Their Opinion And Im Very Opinionated Myself...

Likes -- Dislikes -- Loves -- Hates <3
I Love Music
I Hate Donkeys They Scare The Shit Outta Me
I Like The Color Pink
I Dont Like Spiders
I Love My Friends And Family =]
I Hate Clowns =\
I Like Rap And Rave Music, Dnt Hate Me For It =]
I Dont Like 2Faced People
I Love Holidays
I Hate School
I Like Lads Better Than Girls
I Dont Like Talking On The Phone
I Love My Chemical Romance And Green Day
I Hate The Color Yellow
I Like Drawing Weird Stuff
I Dont Like People Who Label Other People But Dont Like Being Labelled Themselves
I Love The Sea And Beach
I Hate MC And Heavy Metal
I Like Going To Gigs
I Dont Like Small Places
I Love Myspace XD

But Wheres Your Heart? <3

Random Facts About Me
Im 4ft 6/7
I Dont Get On With Most People
Im Stubborn
Im Shy
Im Loud
I Dont Care What People Think Of Me
I Live In The Middle Of The Sea And The Woods And Love It
Im Very Opinionated And Say What I Think
I Tell The Truth But It Gets Me In Trouble So I Try Not To Now
I Have Loads Of Secrets
I Like Having Fun
I Am A Bitch
I Dont See How People Like Me Tbh
I Dont Show How I Feel That Much
I Have Split Personallities
I Get Pissed Off Easily
Im Very Blonde And Often Have Blonde Moments =]
I Like These Smileys XD =] =[ >-< =S
Umm.. Im Random
I Have A Pet Rat
Im Listenin To Alkaline Trio Right Noww..
I Dont Like Going Out That Muchh
Im Veryy Quiet No-One Knows Why Except Me ..
I DayDream Quite Alot
I Write Songs But No-One Knows Tha So Ssssh =]
Some Song Lyrics Mean Alot To Me
I Saw Green Day At Milton Keynes On The 19th June 05 .. I Feel Privalidged
Ive Swam With Dolphins
Im 12 But Look Like A 9 Year Old [[According To Most People]]
I Get Treated Like A 5 Year Old
I Have A Connection With Italians Although Ive Never Been To Italy, I Dont Know, I Jst Love Them =S
I Dont Go Anywhere Without My Phone =]
I Adore McFly & Lil Chris -- Say What You Like >-<

Yes I Can Bitch Until My Eyes Are Blue And Your In Bed With Someone New

I Guess I Deserve It

Dont Pretend That You Dont Know Me Thats The Worst Thing You Could Do

Smile Like You Mean It

So Long And Goodnight

Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Outta Me

Nothing You Can Say Can Stop Me Going Home

Bands Ive Seeen Liveee: XD
Green Day x2
Taking Back Sunday x2
Alkaline Trio
New Found Glory
Jimmy Eat World
New Found Glory
Lil Chris x2
Ross Copperman x2
Electric 6
Goldie Lookin' Chain [[Sssh I Had No Choice]]
My Chemical Romance
Elliot Minor
Tiny Dancers
Newton Faulkner
Pama Internation Lol

Somee Bands // Singers I Likee;;
Green Day ; Taking Back Sunday ; Alkaline Trio ; McFly! ; Plus44 ; Blink 182 ; Lostprophets ; My Chemical Romance ; Cute Is What We Aim For ; Fall Out Boy ; Jimmy Eat World ; The Kooks ; The Fratellis ; The View ; The Ordinary Boys ; Tupac ; Jamie T ; Bowling For Soup ; BoyKillBoy ; Lil Chris ; Billy Talent ; The Network ; Guns N Roses ; Bon Jovi ; Coldplay ; Oasis ; Rammstein ; Kaiser Cheifs ; Panic! At The Disco ; Kanye West ; The Killers ; All American Rejects ; Get Cape Wear Cape Fly... And Loads Moree Smile

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone


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