Things I have learned that have changed how I am.

1. Gay is okay. As cliche as this one sounds, it's true. There's no sense in being homophobic because you'll be hiding from people all your life. Accept and embrace differences.

2. It's not all about how you look. Some days you need to forget all that you've been told about "beauty" and look a little deeper.

3. NOTHING will permanently numb the pain. I'm coping with a few addictions that I've developed right now and I now know that no matter how good or bulletproof you feel on your choice poison, the feeling will never last.

4. Pills aren't a good way to deal with depression. Learn from my mistakes and don't get into this shit. It'll mess you and everyone around you up.

5. Weight is nothing to worry about. There are no "ideals". Don't let yourself be pressured into this. It'll throw your whole life into a downward spiral and completely consume you. Don't be another statistic.

6. Not everyone believes the same thing as you do and it's pointless to try to force your opinion on someone.

7. When in doubt, become inspired. There are a few people, living and dead, famous and friends, that keep me hanging on.

8. Live your own life. You've got one shot at this, don't waste it. Don't be afraid to express yourself, speak your mind, or be different.
Posted on May 21st, 2007 at 01:38am


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