Meg So this is a bit of a sequel to my British Humor blog. Blackadder is not only my favourite „Brit-humour“ show, it is basically one of my favourite shows ever. I grow up with it and I own my pathetic little sarcasm talent to it.

Blackadder “ the series
Blackadder is a famous British comedy show that had four seasons and three well-known extra specials and several one-off installments. It was voted the 2nd best BBC sitcom ever and its just so amazingly old-school. Each season is settled in a different time era, but it follows the same main characters, Blackadder and his servant Baldrick, who are usually accompanied by a member of the aristocracy. The Black Adder is the first series and it follows the story of prince Edmund who in the first episode adopts the title „The Black Adder.“ Edmund is followed by his loyal servant Baldrick; Son of Robin the Dung Gatherer and lord Percy with its story settled in the Middle Ages. In Blackadder II (which settles in the Elizabethan time) Edmund becomes a lord and has to deal with the Queen (Queenie), her pretentious Lord Chamberlain, Lord Melechett and her nanny Nursie. Blackadder: The Third (19th century) starts of with a little change. There is no more Percy as an example of the aristocracy, but George, prince of Wales, whom Blackadder is a butler to. Baldrick becomes a Lord, a title given to him by George, but is noticeably more stupid than in previous series. Blackadder Goes Fourth is the official last series settled in the trenches on the Western Front in World War I. The „big push“ is planned and Captain Blackadder throughout the series tries to escape it. Blackadder is joined by Lituenant George and the wrold's worst cook, Private Baldrick, the crazy General Melchett and his „secretary“ Captain Darling. Blackader Goes Fourth is definately my favourite of the four series and the last episode Godbyeee always makes me cry.

Among many sketches the most famous three specials are Blackadder: The Cavalier Years (a 15-minute episode set in the last days of the English Civil War following Sir Edmund Blackadder and Baldrick, the rest two men loyal to the defeated King Charles I of England), Blackadder's Christmas Carol (a twist on the famous Charley Dickens novel, with Ebeneezer Blackadder, the nicest man in London who turns into a bad guy because „they have more fun.“) and Blackadder: Back and Forth (Lord Blackadder in a modern version places a bet with his friends Baldrick, George, Darling, Queenie and Melchett that he has built a time machine).

There was also a fifth series in mind with a few ideas such as Black Adder Five (a parody on The Beatles), Batadder (a parody on Batman with Baldrick as Robin) or something set in the future; but nothing happened of that idea. I personally wouldn't want one because the ending to the original series was just too great.

Another special thing about the Blackadder series is the theme tune. Howard Goodall's songs have the same tune, but different instruments and lyrics, depending on the era. Those are a lot of fun to listen and my favourite would be Blackadder! Blackadder! No such blooming luck, Blackadder! Blackadder! Elizabethan schmuck.

Edmund Blackadder is the main character played by Rowan Atkinson. The story plot is settled around him. As the series pass his character gets more intelligent (unlike Baldrick), but his titles decrease. He is smarter than other characters and well know for his sarcasm. I love Blackadder cause he can just kill someone with that sarcasm. I have learned a few nifty thing from him and he always makes me laugh.
Baldrick is Blackadder's loyal servant played by Tony Robinson. Even though his intelligence gets lower by every episode, his hygiene improves. He is well famous for his cunning plans (even though they never work) and his affection for turnips. Baldrick is my favourite character; I just love his cunning plans & silliness. Honestly, I have a crush on him and he is so very cute. Besides, Tony Robinson is pwning.
Percy is as Queenie said a giggling imbecile. He is played by Tim McInnerny and shows up in the first two series. In the 4th one he becomes Captain Darling, Blackadder's nemesis. Percy/Darling can be sometimes very annoying, but I feel sorry for him, especially because Blackadder is so mean to him.
George is such an optimistic idiot, you have to love him. And his is also played by Hugh Laurie sexness so you would be crazy not to. He appears in the last two series, but in series II, in the last episode he is Ludwig, a crazy kidnapping German, the master of disguise.
Melchett is a Lord in the 2nd series and a General in the 4th. He is played by Stephen Fry. Those two characters are very different; I like the General better cause he is more crazy and less of a suck-up. Stephen Fry also plays the Duke of Wellington in the 3d series and Charles I in the Cavalier Years. I love Melchy and I am mad about Stephen Fry who did such a great job in the series.

A few other characters appear such as Queenie (by Miranda Richardson), Richard III (by Peter Cook), Nursie (by Patsy Byrne)... But my favourite would be Lord Flasheart in the 2nd and pilot Flasheart in the 4th series played by Rik Mayall. He is just so funny and Rik Mayall is great at playing him.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this (even though its a bit too long) and will, if you havent yet, get the DVDs and see the brilliance of Blackadder yourself. Cool

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