Horse Riding

Okay well, I keep my horse up at a trail riding buisness and I help out on the rides. I have noticed a few things:

A horse is not a machine
Most of the beginners that pay for rides think that a horse is like a car or motorbike and does not need to eat, drink or sleep.
Well, i'm here to say that horses, on the contrary, eat tons of food, drink tons of water and well in fact sleep for at least half a day if you let them.

Just because you're on a horse, it doesn't mean you're a cowboy
Several people on the rides (mostly young boys) Start wooping a yelling "YEEHAW"
at the top of their voices when their horse is walking along, and it sets everyone's teeth on edge.

Parents, we know what we're doing. So shut up.
Mums and Dads (more often Mums) who actually don't know what they're on about and tell their kids to 'lean forward' 'grip with your knees' etc. which is exactly what you're not supposed to do.

Ponies are not adorable little pets that can be completely trusted
In fact, some of them are downright evil.
Ponies are cunning escape artists who will stop at nothing to get their way.
And they are a damned sight smarter than horses. Beware.

And that's my rant.
Posted on July 15th, 2007 at 12:40pm


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