Friendship problems. Help?


So, I have a lovely group of friends.

Except one of them is a bit... well, not so great. =/

Now, everyone in my group has some form of obsession. Mine being Green Day/music and horses, and others being with a TV show or something else.

This girl, though, has no taste of her own. Instead, she claims she likes everything we do.

This isn't the entire problem. It's when she begins to go on about how much she loves it and all, and then starts being overly obsessed.

Now, I think part of the reason for this is her need to fit in. She thinks that she has to like everything we do to get us to like her more or something. She doesn't understand that we like people for who they are. =/

But something really incredibly annoying has been happening over good old Myspazz. OK, so on her profile under her interests she has listed all of our obsessions - including Green Day. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not someone who always tries to be different to everyone else or whatever. It's the fact she knows nothing about them or their music, and yet tries to involve herself in my excitement over anything they do.

That's not all. My friend Sarah has a list of random facts in her about me section on Myspace.

This girl has copied and pasted what Sarah said. Hasn't even changed the punctuation, and has just left it like that.

Naturally, Sarah has gotten a bit annoyed.

This girl, of course, has taken her annoyance the wrong way.

But this isn't the end of it all.

While at a sleepover with two of my friends, this girl began an over analysing bitching type session on everyone in our group. Even about the two girls sitting in front of her.

This particular girl claims that my obsession with Green Day is 'hiding my innner problems.' Now, I personally don't believe I have any inner problems. I'm perfectly happy at the moment.

I don't know what to do. Obviously this girl feels the need to fit in so badly - and it's driving us crazy! We want her to be with us for who she is, not what she likes.
Posted on July 16th, 2007 at 01:12pm


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