Those Silly, Ditzy Airheads..

How many times have you used those terms to describe someone? I mean seriously, how could someone be so stupid? The answer is so obvious. We've all secretly thought those things about someone, alot of us have probably even said them. But did we ever stop to think, maybe it isnt their fault?

ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder ) typically effects girls in a totally different way than it does boys. If you asked a doctor to give you a stereotypical example of ADD, he would probably describe a very hyper boy who lacked the ability to stay focused. This is because boys most commonly have the Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) variety.

Girls however, tend to be different.Their ADD has different symptoms. They aren't up running around and hyper. They tend to be distant and unfocused.They daydream alot. They also have problems developing social skills, and can sometimes be very, very shy. Or, when they do communicate, they can say something totally offensive and not understand why it was inapproperiate. They also tend to be unorganized. During highschool years and college, this can be a huge problem.

Girls can also have ADHD too, but the symptoms still appear in different ways. While boys may tend to be wreckless, girls are hyper in another way.Problems like shoplifting, eating disorders and teenage pregnancy are a big issue with girls who have ADHD. Alcohol and drug use plague girls with ADD as a way to self medicate all the frusteration they feel.

Girls with ADD or ADHD often don't get diagnosed. Because girls tend to have just ADD with no hyperactivity, they don't pose as a problem to their teachers. Their grades are usually lower because they can't focus, but behavior wise they're fine. Sometimes in grade school, girls can continue to focus there. However, when they move on to upper grade levels it becomes alot more complicated. Alot of parents jump to the conclusion that their kids aren't trying as hard, because they went from straight A's to C's. Thats not always the case.

Alot of doctors diagnose girls with ADD with depression if their parents do seek medical help for them. Small energy levels, being unorganized, trouble focusing, and social withdrawal are all shared symptoms. However, the treatment is not the same. ADD is not just a boys disease like some people seem to think; it can affect anyone.
Posted on July 17th, 2007 at 05:14pm


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