Cecilia; a Biography

CHAPTER 1: Childhood
Once upon a time in a mystical land far, far away (also known as France) a little girl was born on May 27th. From the moment she was born she was extremely rad. And also krazzie. Her name was Cecilia. Her brother is krazzie too. I don't know his name. But he exists. We'll call him Larry.

Larry and Cecilia did all kinds of little kid stuff together, like watching Astro Boy. And Denver the Dinosaur. Pretty normal, right? Well, that isn't all they did. They were also crime fighting superchildren. Cecilia's superpowers included her fantastic ability to levitate birds, turn ice into water and she was able to walk halfway through walls!!! Larry's powers allowed him to blow bubbles. Together, they stopped a massive number of 0 criminals! However, Larry's bubble blowing did cause 13 car accidents.

CHAPTER 2: Highschool Smiley
Cecilia decided to take a break from her crime fighting and focused on school. She was excellent at French and Science. She also obviously had to pwn English because she speaks it better than I do half the time. Her math teacher was fat, hairy, and smelled odd. He didn't like her. He sucks. Boys thought she was funny ;p Oh yes, and she discovered her love of technology in highschool. Computers 4 lyf! and all that jazz.She was also tall. So tall that her feet touched the ground! She liked her music too. Green Day was sooo her favorite band. Good Riddance was the first song she learned on electric guitar! She was a punk rocker Smiley She used to play baksetball and paintball.

CHAPTER 3: In Cecilia's Mind Meg
Now, with my amazing psychological communication skills, I was able to go into Cecilia's mind and find out about the things she likes. Her favorite celebrity is Michael Jackson. She chills with Michael on his Neverland ranch once a month. She also likes to burp. Shes very talented. She likes the Beatsteaks alot. She loves Russian women! Cecilia's favorite foods are fish, spinach, chips, fries and other awesome foods.And corn flakes and vanilla milk!
She really likes Coke.
She likes pandas. But not those red Pandas, they're lame.
Her favorite TV shows include Seinfeld, CSI, NCIS, and Nip/Tuck. Dujo likes alot of those, he was trying to copy her awesomeness because hes Croatian. She likes the colors red and blue. I think those colors like her too. Blue seems to be more friendly than red though.. She likes lots of movies! Including Dumb and Dumber and Match Point. Her proverb is "The closer you are from the wall, the better you see it. "
rad. Cool She thinks the best invention was the washing machine, and the worst was the alarm clock.

CHAPTER 4: Cecilia Now!
Ah yes, what is Cecilia doing now? She is currently in college. Shes wants to get her masters degree in prostitution and she is studying at one of the top pornographic institutes in all of France! "Porn is my life" she says. She has an awesome dog. She walks him and stuff. Hes pretty rad. She goes to concerts. Like Rock am Ring ~~ She taught herself how to fly yesterday. She once made out with a boar in a forest, and is currently on a quest to find him.
Oh yes, and one more thing..
I've lost my voice! Shocked

If you have any information reguarding the location of Cecilia's voice; please be sure to share that informtion. That is all.
Posted on August 4th, 2007 at 02:01am


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