Memorial to the victims to 9/11/

September 11, 2001, That morning nineteen terrorists hijacked four planes, they
Intentionally crashes two of the planes into into the World Trade Center which
had been previously attacked on February 26, 1993, and destroyed the two
buildings. The hijackers crashed a third plain into the Pentagon.. the crew of the fourth plain attempted to retake control of the plane. The plane crashed in rural Pennsylvania.

2,974 civilians died immediately and at least one from lung disease thought to be from exposure of dust. 24 people are still missing and they are most likely dead.


The damages

I hope that the victims of 9/11 are in everyone’s minds. We did not talk about it at school and I found that to be disrespectful to the innocent people who died.
Posted on September 12th, 2007 at 02:34am


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