She Ain't Crap. Happy 14th birthday Monique!

Dobbemort, CrapBasket, Bullwinkle... my, this girl has a lot of aliases.

But what she can't hide is her awesomeness. Or her birthday.

So, fair Monique, no matter how many times you might hear it today...

Now of course it is time for a little retelling of her past, of her history... of her secrets. So gather round children if you may, I have an interesting tale to tell.

An evil creature as a child, Monique was born on the 13th of October to her father, Lord Voldemort, and her mother, Dobby. Now while to you this may seem bizarre, on the planet of which Monique originated, this is perfectly normal. Of course, for you young children, the maths for this might be hard - but clearly this makes her a humelf.

While growing up, the humelf had much difficulty venting her frustration - which is where she turned to piano. At first it became a random smashing of keys, but soon it turned into beautifully complicated music which earnt her much recognition.

As her years slowly passed, Monique's love for other things such as Green Day grew stronger. She felt a need to express her love for the band, eventually joining the wonderful world of GSB in early 2006.

Then came other obsessions - Naruto, and Harry Potter.

But with these obsessions [Green Day included] came the slash! Green Day slash, Naruto slash, even Harry Potter slash. Her mind slowly divulged into such a world that it seemed that she couldn't come out.

Nah, I'm just kidding.
You're not obsessed at all, fair, almighty Monique.

Monique and I'd first encounter happened back on ol' GSB, where I posted a journal most likely proclaiming my severe boredom and complaints at GSB's dead-ness. She replied, offering to talk to MSN. From there our friendship grew ever stronger.

It was only our second conversation where she pretended that Green Day were at her house. No wait, she wasn't pretending. My apologies.

My best friend, my peen-owning pal, Monique, I hope you are having a freaking pwnsome birthday and I wish I could live next door to you to celebrate with you. Oh, and I was going to make you another sign, but unfortunately the batteries in my camera ran out after I was taking photos of my new shoes.

So, once again...


Lots of love,
Rocky. <333
Posted on October 13th, 2007 at 06:28am


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