My Creative Writing Assignment--I need FEEDBACK!

Here's some assignment for y'all, because I know you love 'em. For this one, we had to take a picture of ourselves posing doing something that symbolizes something that we're passionate about. In my picture, I'm standing and holding a paper that I wrote "WRITING=LIFE" on it. Then, after we took our pictures and cut them out completely, we had to find a scenery picture. From like a magazine or something and we have to look like we're in the scene. I found one of my pictures that I've taken of a farm nd a feild and put me in it. Try to bear with me because I can't scan it. Then we had to write a story to go along with it. I hope this makes sense. Just read it and maybe you'll love it and you'll commment?!

“So, why are we standing in front of a farm?”
“Because. Mrs. Hermiller told us we had to find an important spot as the assignment, and I’m…doing the assignment.” I looked over at him, agreeing with my own reason. “I figured I could only find so many places that other people weren’t going to find.”
He rolled his eyes. “It’s a farm, Tori. Don’t you think somebody else is going to come across a farm too?”
“Well, they could,” I waved my paper in his face playfully. “But this spot has history and this is the spot I’m picking.” I sat down on the cold, wet grass and waited for him to give me that look; that look that says ‘Oh my gosh, you’re insane but I’m agreeing anyway because you’re stubborn’.
We were behind a small wood that separates the back streets from the widespread countryside, trying to work out my English project. The air was mild and it was nearly past eight o’clock in the evening, but we didn’t mind at all.
Seconds after a stare-down, I watched him drop to the ground in exhaustion. “You really are quite the piece of devil’s cake, aren’t you?”
I giggled. “That was kind of random. I’m just stubborn.”
“No, you’re really stubborn.” He corrected and smiled.
I turned my head and looked into his eyes. “No, I just know what I want,”
“Which is?”
I could tell he was flirting. He was always flirting. “To write.” I answered in a soft voice that he could’ve barely heard. Seconds passed like minutes and then the minuets seemed to pass like hours as he and I were just looking into each other’s faces. This was pretty common in us; we would spend countless minuets just staring at each other. It would seem like there was a reflection pool between us and I could see every ounce of his emotions. His eyes were a type of green that I’ve never seen before and I got lost in them too easily. He told me that my eyes played tricks on his mind and by looking in them he’d loose all inch of sanity because I was so…me.
It was darker by the time I finally remembered what I was actually doing in the field.
“Hey…” I whispered. “I still have to take my picture.”
I felt his hand touch the side of my face lightly. “Yep.”
I turned my head and lifted off of my knees, standing over him. I brushed the fallen leaves off of my legs and grabbed my paper from the ground beside him. I wouldn’t have left that spot on the ground in all of my life; I would have stayed there forever and a day. But life doesn’t stay seated on the ground even though we wish it would”there are always English assignments to ace.
I positioned myself in the right spot and shook my hair a little. He stood up, holding the camera directly in front of me. He looked pretty awkward standing with a camera; he wasn’t a camera person.
“Ready?” he asked me and took a few more steps back.
I got my smile ready as I held up my sign. “Yeah,”
“Perfect.” He whispered to himself. “Like always.”
Shaking flattery off with a smile larger than the one in my picture, I walked over to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and examined my photograph. It was decent, I must say.
“Tell me…why does this spot have a history?” He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.
“It didn’t,” I swung around to face him. “But now it does.”
He turned his head lightly and turned back to flip his hair out of his eyes. I smiled and watched him, but closed my eyes as I felt him lean in closer.
Sparks flew, as the clichéd say, and my heart felt like someone had stopped it with bare hands as he kissed me.
That spot is perfect…like always.

please comment! I beg of you! I will literally love you forever!

Posted on November 25th, 2007 at 07:23am


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