Green Day or No?

Hi everybody, long time no Blog.

But I thought I'd post something that a lot of Green Day fans may or may not have missed.

Remember the hiatus that Green Day were on a while ago, a band called The Network was formed? There were rumours flying around as to whether is was or wasnt the band and so on? Well they've done it again... Not The Network, but Green Day...of course!

May I present to you The Foxboro Hot Tubs MySpace or The Foxboro Hot Tubs website...

Strikes me as the guys having some fun while recording. Do you think that sounds like Billie Joe's voice; it's unmistakeable, isnt it? Or is that Tre, or maybe even Mike, dicking around on intro's to some of the songs? Dont you think 'Mother Mary' has a hint of 'Hitchin' A Ride' about it?

What gets me is the English sound of the Sixites; the heavy drums, mega-phoned vocals and heavy riffs and baselines.
Is this music not dissimilar to the bands in which Green Day drew their influences from? Like Iggy Pop or The Who? Early Stones and Beatles...

I personally think it sounds awesome and it's nice to hear something from our boys after so long. It's refreshing, it's new and it's exciting.

I want the new Green Day album and I want it now!
Be sure to tell me what you think!
Posted on December 22nd, 2007 at 01:06pm


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