Did u hear the new review?????

hey did u hear the new review ?????have u heard any reviews lately???have u heard itunes dosen't have any other version but live of Wake Me Up When September Ends!!!!!! that's ttly crap!!!!!!!but it is way better than mp3 sites..limewire is a good site all the music is free...but don't download on to cds and sell them to any body 'cause people were getting fined thousands of dollars for it!!!!!!!not much on rap or lame pop and not enough music for you to listen to try groups like All- American Rejects , The Killers , Nine Inch Nails , My Chemical Romance , or maybe even Fall out Boy.i'm serious search punk music on a site and watch the video you will get into stuff you never thought you would!!you would be surprized!!!
Posted on March 9th, 2008 at 03:42am


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