My View On The 'Elliot Minor Situation'

This was originally posted on a myspace bulletin in retaliation to many fan’s belief that Elliot Minor have changed because of their fame and popularity. It seems like a rant in places, but thanks to Sarah commenting that [seriously, UBER thanks] with the suggestion to post it here, I decided it would be a good idea. Hopefully, it will make enough sense.

I’ve known about Elliot Minor for too long. When I added them, Dan sent me a message saying thanks, because they had no more than 5000 fans on myspace. Constantly, I got messages and comments back, and sometimes I still do.

But now everyone’s saying they’ve changed.

Alex sent me a message at Christmas. I didn’t send him one, he just sent me one.

Subject: hi
Message: Just wanted to say hi!! Hope you had a great xmas :) Alex

So what’s the problem? They’ve stopped being so frequent with replying, if they do? That’s because everyday thousands of people will comment and leave a message; do you think myspace is all they do? They have lives, gigs, families, recordings and everything to do, replying to a comment about how much you love them, is NOT top of their priorities right now, is it?

Oh, annoyed because at the gig you didn’t get to talk to them much? Or annoyed because at signings you got moved along pretty quick? That’s because right now, thousands of people love them, and by trying to please everyone a little bit, some of the older fans who were used to discussions lose these conversations.

But we have to deal with it; why? Because you should care enough to know they’re trying to let everyone have that special memory. That shows they care, not that they’re arrogant rock stars or whatever you want to believe.

When, in 10 years, they look back, they’ll know who their fans are; the people who aren’t obsessed with the next new thing, it’ll be the people who would love them no matter what, the people who want to ask how they’re doing, not say ‘omgzzz u is so hawt!”.

Just what I think.
Posted on May 27th, 2008 at 06:08am


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