The Decision Between Good and Evil

The history of mankind was not drawn in black and white, although often it looks to be that way. People are not born inherently evil or as perfect angels. And the world is not divided between those who do acts of good and those who do acts of bad. It appears as if it is only human nature to see the worst in our peers, and we are therefore seemingly faced with people who only wish ill upon us. However, that is only because our mind projects an ideal, opposite ends of the pole- perfect, and evil. It would make it so much more simple if there were only the two, would it not?

Unfortunately, it is not so. We cannot create two groups and call all the people in one of them good people, and call all the people in the other group bad people. What makes us as a species so extraordinary is that every single one of us harnesses the power for either of those extremities inside of us. The limits for what we can feel, think, and do are boundless. In short, we have both greatness and wickedness at our disposal- what marks who we are as an individual is which one we choose to act on.

Think on this; you will always have a decision whether to be kind and whether to be cruel. You will always have a decision between what is right and what is easy. In the end, there is only you to determine the kind of person you truly are.
Posted on June 21st, 2008 at 09:55pm


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