Love and Lust.

Have you ever listened to a song, or watched a movie and started to believe that’s really how relationships are? Or do certain things you see in day to day life make you aspire to find that real love? It’s almost as if the things cause you to want to fall in love, or for lack of better words we “lust for love”. Somewhere deep inside of every single human in the world, they just want to fall in love and live that perfect “Tv Family” lifestyle. I can admit that I too, lust to be in love. But in the end, I always find a reason not to put myself totally out there. Because I am incredibly scared to crash and burn.

Love is something you cannot put a definition to. It’s wild, yet it’s tame. It’s fun, yet it can be boring. It’s exciting, and yet it’s one of the scariest things ever. Lust on the other hand, is a tedious bitch who loves to watch us all feel something and pull it away from us when we think it very well could be love. But, I suppose it takes us falling into the trap of lust to know when we really are in love. If we were to count the number of times we felt a connection to someone, it’d be numerous and possibly never ending. If we were to count the number of times we felt a terrifyingly strong connection to someone, usually, that number is very low.

I will be honest, and say at a time in my life I really did believe I was in love. And I thought all the people saying “It’ll never last, they’re too young” were very mistaken. But in the end, it just didn’t work out. I’m sure we have all been that naïve about love. We’ve all been caught by lust, and if you haven’t.. I’m sure you soon will be. But the thing that gets me most, is the people who think they are so in love for about a month. Then, by the next month they are repulsed by the person and won’t even do them the decency of letting them go. They just hold onto them, and make them live an exsistance of false hope. It’s simply unfair when one person is so in love, and the other is off talking to other possible dates. I have two friends, one who is on the side of being out of love and just wants out of the relationship. We’ll call her Amanda. And one, who is still so in love with the person but they know something is wrong. We’ll call him Tom.

Amanda, has this boyfriend. They’ve been going out for around two months, and at the beginning, there was no doubt in my mind that they were so great together. They were together at any time they could be. They felt so much for eachother, maybe it was love, maybe it was just lust being a greedy bitch. But, they felt such emotions that even I was envious of. And, now Amanda can say she doesn’t love him with a straight face. She still talks to him on occasion, but they are nothing like they used to be. I really want to tell her to let the poor boy go, and stop holding onto him if she just doesn’t feel the same. This boy is so great, but she can’t just make herself be in love.

Tom, on the other hand is on the other side of this. He has a girlfriend who treats him horribly. She was nice to him for about a week, and since then, she and her friends have walked all over him. He’s slowly getting upset, and this girl won’t even hug him. But she won’t let him go either, he knows he should break up with her. But he doesn’t want to hurt her, he doesn’t love her anymore either but he still cares for her. He’s begun wanting to have a relationship with another girl.

I feel for both my friends, but they both made the same mistakes. They thought they were madly in love until they realized just what the problem was.. They fell in lust. But, personally I feel more for Tom, because Amanda is just being a bitch. This boy never did anything wrong to her, he does the sweetest things to see her. And she now expects it, and gets pissed when he doesn’t do them. So many people would be lucky to have these people, and yet, they are in one sided relationships held onto by lust.

This was mostly a rant, because I’m going through so many emotions right now. Love and lust has made me question so many things, and made me wonder what really, is going on in the world.

Thanks for reading.

Posted on July 21st, 2008 at 05:28pm


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