My guinea pig died today..


Yupp... now im guinea pigless.. Sad
But to look at the bright side , he dident die in pain
This come to a shock to us all..
He must have just... past away in hes sleep, witch im happy about ..That he dident die in pain.
Hes with my other guinea pig, Bimbi *klick*, and i know hes in a good place.
They are together again!

My mom got the feeling that, it was okay for him to go to the deep sleep, cause he knew that i wasnt gonna be alone.
cause im gonna get a cat next weekend, and i guess he feelt that "its okay to go now.."

He was about to turn 5 the 25th of September
and he lookt like a punk rocker ^^
he totaly had the mohawk, no joke
He was so cute ^^

I have alot to write about, but im not strong enough at the moment,
so im gonna leave it like this..

Kovo, Mamma älskar dig..Glöm inte det.
Du finns alltid i mitt hjärta, och jag finns här för dig ... för alltid

Rest In Peace, Kovo
Posted on July 25th, 2008 at 01:51pm


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