Todays One Year Since...

..My guinea pig died:


Simba/Bimbi R.I.P my love- 12/12-00 - 16/9-06
wasnt he a cute one

God i remember when he past away
I saw signs off it, so i pickt him up
*i dident want him to die infront of my other guinea pig*
We went in my room, i made it cosey for him on the bed
and i put Good Riddance on repeat, and just was close to him.
I pet him alot and told him that:
"its okey, everything is gonna get better soon. it hurts now but, soon its over "
i cryd all the time.
*oh god, hers the tears again*
I can never get that day out of my head
I think about it all the time
Specialy that last moment with him.
He lookt at me...
And it was like he said : "Thanks mom"
and then he was gone..
Lost forever...

you see, i cant let go, i have so hard to do that
i just cant move on, i never can
you can say that i live in the past, i do
i just dont know why

i think "My Immortal" by Evanescence is a good way to say how i feel.
like it was writen for me and him
and "Like you" by Evanescence too

i just wanna say:
I love you Bimbi, i remember the good times with you
and i hope you dont ever forget me
wait for me, .... promise?
Posted on September 16th, 2007 at 12:18pm


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