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It seems more clear to me now, now that I've actually gone so far that the partying lifestyle is taking over. Sex, drugs and a whole lot of alchohol is the regular. To be honest, almost everyone in my grade has been under the infulence atleast twice. A few days ago, I was talking to my mum, and she said the first time she was ever drunk, was her nineteenth birthday. And then came the toughest question: When were you first impaired ? I don't know how many parents have asked that, I'm not sure how many even bother to ask anymore. I look around my school, and there is so much partying. I know there was always drugs, sex and partying around, but it seems to much more evident then it ever did before. A lot of the people I know, and a lot of the "well known names" in our school, are the names of the partiers. And, just a year ago, the biggest names in the school were the rich kids. It really makes me think, if this is what highschool is like.. how do you really say no ? I guess this is just a rant, or my opinions..


I tend to think of it as something you do when you really and truly feel you are in love. If you can sit there, and do it without thinking of anything but the love for the person you are with.. you aren't doing anything wrong. Although, sometimes people do it while in lust, and for the most part, I see people using it like money. I really don't think people see what could happen to them, they don't see anything but the pleasure they'll recieve. It is fairly accurate when adults say "teenagers get bored, and they have sex". I am not implying that everyone who has had sex did it for amusement, but the a fair amount of the people I have talked to about it, came with that answer. A lot of the people I know, have lost thier virginity.. or have come very close to it. The pregenency rate is up frighteningly high, because people just don't take the proper precautions. And a lot of children are brought into a world where they are simply unwanted, or unplanned. It's really gut-wrenching to see. Basically, I'm saying a lot of babies are concieved because our generation does things without thinking of what could happen. And I'll tell you right now, I am in no way an exception to our generation. Our generation.. we all really think we're invinceable and that we can't get an STD, or end up pregnant. It doesn't happen every time, but it happens a lot. If you look at a lot of the people you know, they have been.. oh heck, let's use the word.. "Sexually Active". And according to WebMD, there are twenty-two births per one thousand fifteen to seventeen year olds. More Information


Alchohol, yes it's an epidemic. It's addicting, it's our way of making a party "cool". In other words, I haven't heard about a party this year that there wasn't drinking at. We all experiment with things, we all try it to fit in. But when exactly to we slow down to realize.. just because we're young doesn't mean bad things won't happen? I for one can openly admitt, I have done something I regret while drunk. I really don't see why it's so amazing, to be honest. Alchohol tastes horrible, and it only seems to cause problems. You wake up, and you wonder what the hell happend the night before. But, that's the spin to it, everyone thinks you're "cooler" if you get drunk at a party. So many people drink underaged, and even if they think they'll never become an addict, you can never be sure. Starting this young, and getting drunk every weekend can lead to major addictions. The saddest part is, people use it when they're not feeling "happy", when they're down. It's no better than binge eating yourself happy, because then you will pick up the habit of drinking everytime you feel the littlest upset. When you're drunk though, you have no sense of judgement, you have no idea when to say no, and when to stop. So any number of crazy things could happen to you. People can and will take advantage of you, if they know you're impaired. You don't know how to tell them to stop, because you're drunk. Take a look at the real world, being drunk puts you at risk for: rape, murder, suicide, getting mugged, getting lost, getting in an accident, having consentual intercourse and ending up pregnant/with an STD ect. It may pump up the party, but the consequences are terrifying.


Yeah, this is the big one. I see it a lot, it's everywhere. And if you want to get high, all you need is some money because even the people you'd think would never, are prolly getting high. It's the easiest way to feel a little better, remember a lot less. I can tell you, atleast eighty percent of my grade has been, or is getting high. It's really the "thing" to do. The most popular one at my age, is marijuana. But there are a few kids addicited to crazy things like: oxycontin, heroine, exstacy and cocaine. Sure it makes for a great party, but the side affects are insane. Marijuana for example, causes your sin to break out, your hair to get oily, and the obvious loss of brain cells. The saddest part is, some of the people addicted to drugs will do anything to get these drugs, they'll do anything for a high. I've seen people sell their favourite things, steal, even trade sex for a high. And once you're addicted, coming back is tough.. it's not like you can just say you're done and have it be over. No, you're addicted, it's mind over matter.

The party lifestyle, is something I've dipped my toes into. And to be honest, it's really scary to know the people you surround yourself with have a problem, and they could turn on you at any second. The party is fun, the first few times.. but when you see that these people don't even just do it for the party, they do it to make it through the day.. it's a tretchery. I've seen someone feel the need to get high so badly, they don't care who sees them, they don't care who finds out. And it's really a shame, because they lose the trust from the people who they need the most.

I'd do anything in my power to save the people I've seen dive head first into this lifestyle, but it seems I'm not the help the really need.. I guess I'm looking for some advice. I mean, it's not like this is the first time I've seen it.. I grew up with this. It's just now I understand what it really is, and just how much trouble they're in. Most of them, don't look like they even stand a chance at quitting because they're just so addicted to it. I have this friend, and he thinks he can stop when highschool is over and everything will be perfect. I know he can't stop, even now and it's only a year into the game. I fear for his life, I really do. He'll do almost anything to get more, to feel a little higher. Any and all advice would be really helpful.. I really don't know how to help him at this point.

Thank you for reading.
Posted on July 29th, 2008 at 04:19pm


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