Kitty Wants a Box: The In-Depth Review

Kitty Wants a Box is a compelling story told by author Carol Moore. This story is filled with excitement, anticipation and fulfillment appropriate for all ages. Perhaps it’s the story’s simplicity and vivid illustrations that make the book such a terrific read.

No one can deny that this brave kitty will go to no end to find this desired box of her dreams. Milo surely has nothing on this feline with buns of iron and a heart of gold. Kitty is truly an inspiration for all.

In conclusion I would like to add that this never-ending search for a home from too big to too wide, is a story to be told again and again. This adventure is an amazing tale of strength, compassion and a true spirit for finding the things you desire- whether it’s a box or just another place to call home.

‘This box is purr-fect inside.’… Indeed it is, my hairy friend… indeed it is.

Read the amazing tale for yourself.
Posted on August 5th, 2008 at 07:43pm


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