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So I'm suspecting you should know who these people are, after all this is a Green Day fansite.

Green Day mean alot to me. I mean, after four years of constantly listening, researching and talking about them you'd think they would mean atleast something to me. Of course, they must mean a hell of alot to you aswell. That's why so many of us are that excited for the new album. Hopefully, it will surprise me. Just like the Foxboro Hot Tubs did.

Recently, I've been realising that listening to the same music for the last four years does get a tad boring and that variety is the spice of life. So, I went searching. What I found was just amazing. It was Helena - MCR. It changed everything. From the then on I've been on a journey finding music I adore and finding people to look up to other than the Mr. Tre Cool. But, that doesn't mean I don't admire him anymore. it just means I don't exactly obsess over him 24/7.

Starting to actually get some variety in my life, I realised why I hung onto Green Day for so long and what they have that others don't that makes me love them so much.

It all started because of my friend, who's dad had purchased the American Idiot album. It was early 2005 and I was only eight years old, I didn't care much about music, just my school work (surprisingly). Though, when my friend popped in that CD and it kicked off with the ever awesome American Idiot I was hooked. It was love. All my friends liked American Idiot, but that was all they really liked. We would sing along like crazy and listen to the song as much as we could until it got old. My friends completely forgot about them. I was just hungry for more.

While my friends moved onto whatever was new or 'in fashion' I was at home listening to the American Idiot album I convinced my friend to lend me. My ears ~raped~ Holiday. Not long after, I could sing along to every song on that amazing album with all my heart and with absoloutley no trouble at all. You might call that an obsession, I call it enjoying life.

After my ears had eaten every song on that album 237927321374593749327429 times over, I was still craving more. I also had to give up the CD to my friend. It saddened me that I wouldn't have my hands on something great like that anymore. I was actually some-what okay with that because even though it was wonderful, wonderful things do become boring when thats all you're hearing. However this was just the start

Not too long after that, my dad brought home International Superhits. I wasn't expecting it because until then I had thought that Green Day we're only a new band. Then I realised that they were an old band with a whole lot of history I was to find out about, and what a great history they had.

I flipped the CD case over to the song listing and only recognized two of the songs - Time of Your Life and Minority. I had heard of those songs, but didn't know them very well. I scanned the rest of the songs to discover songs such as Geek Stink Breath and Brain Stew. Being the eight year old I was, I was just all 'Gross !' when I saw those but found that the songs were amazing. The songs I first were fond of were Longview and Hitchin' a Ride. I still think they are amazing songs.

By 2006 I actually knew the names of the band members but I personally loved Billie Joe Armstrong. Now, I just refer to him as 'BJ' or 'Billie' but back then that was what I called him. The term for beahaviour like this I now discover is 'teenie' and it seems to me they are not liked very well. So I'll save you the commenting time and admit that maybe, I used to act like a 'teenie.' To me Billie was hot, cute and sexy and had a major crush on him. Now, I'm more of a Tre person.

By 2007, Green Day was all I talked about to my friends and they were quite sick of it. I was researching them constantly on the net and was finding out little things like their kids names and more about their family life. I found Green Day fansites and was absoloutely stoked when I found out Green Day were to become Simpson-ized. When the movie finally came out, I was dissapointed. I mean all this excitement for my favourite band to end up getting killed ? That's just horrible.

Last year everything was boring until my awesome Google skills got me to a wonderful place called GSB which I adore with all it's Database Errors. Well, not really. The Database Errors really do piss me off but the people don't. If I hadn't discovered Green Day, I wouldn't be here D: You know what else was great last year ? The new album announcement 8D Because Green Day are coming in 2009. Which means, there is more awesome to hit us in the face.


Yes, they really are. Spread the word (:

Thankyou so much for reading this, if you read it all o_o

Posted on January 10th, 2009 at 07:15am


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