The Natural Order of the World is Returning

Or maybe its just me.

But I think the natural order of the world is returning. Because Green Day's back. They're back and to some people that's a dead-end statement, but its so much more than that.

The fans are gonna come back, the forum's gonna fun again -- hell, even I'm back here after ages! There's so much to anticipate now. There's gonna be new and better stories, new interviews, new quotes, new pictures.

and more Billie Joe...more to love, more to be in awe of. More beautifully imperfect perfection. My fairy.

And the first sign I saw of this came on Mibba, when I was browsing through the stories this morning. I saw a story titled "Wake Me Up When September Ends". And it was about a girl who got raped, kicked out of her home and met Green Day. She went on tour with them for a few days (before they "sold out" ), she lived in Tre's house, she dated Tre for a day, dated Billie and fell in love with him after a week, etc. In short, it was a pretty sucky and cliched piece of garbage. But it was a sucky and cliched Green Day story, which I haven't seen too many of in 18 months.

So now I'm sure. I'm hopeful. and I'm glad, because this couldn't have come at a better time (I'm graduating this year).

In conclusion: yay.
Posted on March 28th, 2009 at 08:12am


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