New Years Resolutions

Christmas is nearly here Very Happy Yay.
Anyways, 2009 hasn't been a very good year for my school work. Year 8 was awful, and to be honest I feel bad for the teachers who tried to teach me and my friends. It wasn't like I've always been bad at school. In year 7 I tried so hard to do well, and when nobody recognised it I got a bit mad and stopped trying. I got so many notes to my form tutor and detentions that my parents had to come in and talk about my behaviour. Yeah, sure I got told off...but it didn't help because no matter what I felt like a dumb kid. When the summer holidays rolled around, I promised to do better in school because from year 9 and up, they where the years that would effect my future the most. Now that I'm in year 9 I feel that I have done better, I have tried much harder to make an effort in my school work. I don't feel like that dumb kid anymore.
But my news years resolutions are to;
1. try to revise and have less days off school
2. be nicer to my family and friends, since they're all I have
3. not be afraid of who I am, and not be afriad of what anyone else thinks of me.
Very Happy

There's snow Smile I made a snow man with my best friend yesterday, but my brother kicked its head in....its name was Dom.

Anyway, thanks for reading. What are your guys new years resolutions?
Posted on December 21st, 2009 at 08:26am


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