2009 / 2010

I can't say it was the best year I've ever experienced, nor can I say it was the worst. But I've probably learnt more valuable things this year than during any other. So here we go...

I absolutely love extended my family, especially my mum's side. I don't get to see them a lot though considering they live all over state, but when I do, I always have a really good time. Whenever I'm with all of my cousins, I'm really happy and satisfied with what I've got. I really hope that next year we can all get together for Christmas just like we used to, rather than just a few of us. When we're all together, the best memories roll along. Like when we built the naked sand woman, or when we would soak eachother in a massive water fight at the street carnival on Christmas Eve, or when it's a boiling hot summer day in January and we go to the pool and eat a million Bubble O Bills.
For my dad's side, I can't really say the same. I'm not close to anyone on his side of the family. The closest I would have ever got to anyone would be my nan, but unfortunately, she passed away this year. She was the whole reason we would even bother to visit my dad's side of the family, so I guess I won't be going back there too often anymore.
My step brother and step sister have a life of their own now, living away with their wives/boyfriend and children. And now that I'm growing up and probably taking a similar road to what they did when they were my age, I'm really happy they took it before me, and got passed my dad with all the strict rules, now allowing me to have more freedom. Not meaning to be selfish, but thankyou brotherrr! and sister too, of course.
And as for the family that I'm always with, I really hope my mum leaves my dad in the new year. He doesn't deserve to have someone like her, he doesn't deserve to have anyone, nor does he deserve to really have me in his life, for many reasons that I'm not going to go into. But I really hope my mum realises that she's just hurting herself by staying with him. She's my favourite person in the world, and I don't want her to get treated the way she does.

As we all know, friends come and go. You let go of some, you make new ones and you hold on close to others. I remember at the start of the year, everything was perfect. I was friends with a massive group of girls who I would always sit with and talk to every recess or lunch, and it was probably the best term at high school that I've ever had. But because the group was so massive, smaller groups in the group started to form and then things got complicated. Like my mum told me, year nine always tends to be the bitchiest grade, and damn right she was. We all started to bitch, we all started to argue, the group eventually got smaller and smaller, it even got to the point where a physical fight happened between two girls in the 'group'. But I honestly learned a lot from it. I admit I got caught up in all this nastiness and often wanted to know what was going on, yet I was never the one to be nasty or to spread rumours. I always stayed friends with all of the girls, although we may have hit some rough patches, but even now I still remain friends with them all. Or at least get along with well with all of them. Things are definitely not like they were during the year anymore, but even if we're not the same group of girls we used to be, I'm just glad that we're all leaving 2009 happy and content with one another. Looking back now, we all seem so stupid the way we went on, kind of funny really.
One of the biggest problems I've had to deal with this year, was losing my best friend to her boyfriend. She would constantly be with him, lie to me, make plans with me but then forget about them, always pick him over me and other such things. I think she's finally realising though, that she needs to balance it out. She's copped a lot of abuse from some other friends when I haven't been able to get through to her properly. But I'm now also realising it from her point of view, which I will get to soon, but she has absolutely fallen in love. And yes, I do actually approve of her boyfriend.

My 2009 didn't start off so great. I clearly remember crying for five hours straight and nearly puking because of it sometime during January, because my relationship with this one guy wasn't working out. Thinking about it now, I realise how stupid I was to take anything like that so serious. That was obviously nearly over a year ago now, so of course I've picked myself back up and moved on. I told myself after that I wouldn't take anything so serious for a while, so I just planned to get out and have fun and see if anyone came my way. There were a couple more guys after that which didn't exactly work out, and I got myself stuck in all sorts of confusing situations where I had completely screwed some guys over without meaning to (which I feel extremely bad for), but I was still out to have fun. I ended up making a bet with my friend, and whoever won it got to find someone for the person who lost the bet to ask out. I lost it, of course, and I ended up asking out a guy that I knew nothing about, only his name. Really silly, I know, but I'm happy I did. I've been with him since October now and it's going really well. Which brings me back to my best friend, I can seriously understand her need to be with her boyfriend all the time, they're great things to have. But if you're single, that's a great thing as well, don't worry.

Coming out of this year and going into the new year, I know I'm bringing a lot of good things in. I honestly think I'm becoming the best person that I possibly can be. Sure there is always room for improvement, but I know I'm someone who's always up for a good time, optimistic, helpful, caring, always trying to see the best in everyone and always wanting to spend time with those who bring out the best in me. I know in 2010, there's going to be more ups and downs along the way, and although I'm not doing anything to celebrate New Years Eve, I couldn't be happier to leave 2009 the way I will be in just three hours.

In the new year, I would really like to:
- Having a smashing 16th (;
- Get my Ls
- Get a job
- Go well in my school certificate
Posted on December 31st, 2009 at 05:12am


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