& those were the days.

I admit high school was one of the best times of my life. There were points I didn’t want to go, but was glad I did because I had a good laugh. I met amazing people & I met the asshole pricks I still don’t like. I hated the shell of the school, the crowded hallways, the stench of sweaty kids, when the air was on in the winter & when the heat was on in august. I decided to graduate early because I wanted out. I got all my credits I needed so I earned it. Do I regret it? It has only been one day so I don’t know yet. Will there be days where I’m happy I did? yes, but there will also be days where I wish I was still in school.

High school makes you grow up. It really molds you into who you are. That’s also influenced by those who you talk too, hang out at lunch with & do stuff with after school. You fall in love for the first time or you get your heart broken. People talk about you & you have your first fist fight. You meet the best friends you will have the rest of your life. You have your first drinking experience & regret it the next morning. Many things go on in those four short years. So make the best of it. If you read this & you are freshman or younger or even in a higher grade, but not yet graduated. Really take that to heart because these are your last chances to get away with kid stuff. You may be a teenager, but you are still able to drive around, laugh, do stuff & not worry about bills or college debt.

I hated high school & I loved high school. I may not have liked most of the teachers, but I met ones who changed my life. I also may have met many people who were scum & needed a reality check, but I never let that effect my own circle. You can never escape drama in high school. EVERYONE experiences it in one way or another. I may be happy that I don’t have to wake up at eight in the morning anymore, but I can truly say I’ll miss it. A lot of kids will say they don’t miss it, but they do. Maybe not the school in general, but the crazy atmosphere, the friends & classmates, as well as some teachers. Don’t waste away your time hating it because sooner or later you will be a senior & the real world will be knocking at your door.
Posted on January 17th, 2010 at 12:12am


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