My Heroes :]

Hello. Ella and India writing here :] in D&T :]
We've been dissusing about our idols, and the people we look up to.
Here is our list:
1. Billie Joe Armstrong
2. Tre Cool
3. Mike Dirnt
4. Johnny Knoxville [Jackass]
5. Bam Margera [Jackass]
6. Dom [amazing guy Ella knows]
7. Martin [amazing guy India knows]

There are also people we look down to though:
1. Nick Griffin [BNP leader. We hate the BNP, their racist]
2. Eminem [We like his music, but he's just not a good influence]
3. WWE [fake shit]
4. Margret Thatcher [hate her. Thanks to her, I'll never be a female Priminister]
5. Adolf Hitler [Even though Ella shares his birthday (20th April), we hate him]
6. Rhianna [India hates her with avengence]
7. Slipknot [we both hate them. It's not music. It's noise]

Er, thanks for reading. Bye :]
Posted on January 22nd, 2010 at 09:47am


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