Ella and India's top 20 favourite celebrity's.

India and Ella here writing yet another blog. Yes, it is a weekly thing now :]

20. Mr Hudson. India likes him. I don't. I think he's a bit of an idiot if I'm being honest. India thinks he has nice hair and is a good singer...but lacks personality.

19. Brad Pitt. Ella's first celebrity crush :] He's uber cute. We think he should of stayed with Jennifer instead of going wih Anglena...but he's still a good actor, and is cute...so he's 19 on our list.

18. Jack Black. Ah, this dude is AMAZING. Such a good actor, singing and person. He's amazing in School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda (yes I need to grow up).

17. Paul Mcartney. He's amazing. Seriously, I was watching this thing about him on TV and he is one of the most amazing celebrity's in the world. Plus the fact that he was in the Beatles...which made him even more awesome than he already is.

16. Russell Brand. Yeah, we don't care what he did. He's still funny and such an interesting person. All of that stuff with Andrew Sachs was completely blown out of preportion. We LOVE Russell.

15. Johnny Depp. Look at him. Come on.

14. Darren Bent. Apparently, according to India, he is fit and a good football player and she has met and hugged him. I, Ella, personally don't give two shits, since I am a fan of Norwich City, not Ipswich.

13. Derren Brown. He's cool. People say he's a fake, we don't care; he's actually really clever. He deffiantly deserves a place in this list. And that stuck to your chair thing actually works, check it out on Youtube.

12. Will Smith. He's an amazing actor and is gorgous. He's also really insperational.

11. Chris Pontius. He's such a cool guy. Yeah, some of the stuff he's done on Jackass are stupid, but he's still a cool guy.

10. Bam Margera. He's just...amazing. In so many ways. We saw him on Jackass and thought he was just so funny. He's also a good skateboarder.

9. Jenifer Hudson. (this is india's idea) she is a great singer and a good actress. She was great in Sex and The City and in Dream Girls. (Ella really disagree's with this one)

8. Tre Cool. Yep, the coolest drummer. When I saw Green Day live in October, he made me laugh so much. He deserves this place.

7. Michael McIntyer. Ella really loves this guy. Amazing comiedan.

6. Steve Martin. We love him. He's such a good actor. For a long time he was our favourite actor, so he deserves number 6.

5. Mike Dirnt. He's a great bassist. There's someone at our school who looks like him. He's a DT Technican.

4. Benji Madden from Good Charlotte, though I completely disagree with him going out with Paris Hilton.

3. Santa. Yes, we know he's not real (India disagrees with that statement) but as we grow up from little kids, he's part of our Christmas's.

2. Tom Brady (American Football player who indiaa really likes) He plays for the New England Patriots and he is my GOD.

Now for number one. DUN, DUN, DUN!
1. BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG! You possibly saw that coming...but he's Ella's idol. He's the reason she started playing guitar. His lyrics mean a whole lot to her :]

Thank You x
Posted on January 29th, 2010 at 09:53am


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