Health Care: A Vent.

Disclaimer: This is a vent, not a well educated, well formulated argument or anything like that.

I was just watching that show on ABC, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and it just made me so mad at the current American healthcare system. The gist of the story was that there was a family of 5, living in a house that was run down falling apart beyond repair. The mother of the family, on top of this, was suffering from cancer, and had been for quite a while. Despite the fact that she had cancer and was undergoing all sorts of treatments, she had to keep working as a teacher so that she and her husband could try to stay on top of their huge medical bills and not lose their shit-hole of a house. That's absolutely ridiculous. This woman is suffering from a life threatening disease, she should not have to keep working just to keep her family off the street.

I think what captures what I feel about this the best is an episode of Oprah that was on a few weeks ago. Oprah decided to visit the x number of "Happiest places in the world". Number one on that list was Denmark. So they showed a clip of her visiting Denmark, and learning about the lifestyle from a couple of Danish women. Back in the studio, she was talking to them via skype, and she said something like "In Denmark, you have more of a socialist health care system, isn't that right?" The two women kind of looked at each other, then one said "Well, yes, but you see we don't really think of it as socialist, but civilized. Why wouldn't you want to care for your sick and your elderly?"

This is how I feel, exactly. The United States are I think the only western country that operates this way, or at least one of them. It makes me so mad that people are put in situations where its like, health care or homelessness. You're just a disease away from going bankrupt.

No healthcare system is perfect, probably not even close. But all I know is that my uncle fought cancer for 11 months, and it didn't cost our family anything. And that's convincing enough for me.

NB: this isnt "anti-american".
I love the states, I visit all the time. I just massively disagree with your health care system.

Posted on January 31st, 2010 at 09:16pm


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