Have some respect.

I already knew that there's a whole lot of people on the internet who are absolute assholes and have no respect for anyone, but what happened today really irks me. I mean, it's a fact that people are a lot ruder over the internet because it's easier than being rude to someone face to face, you can say whatever you want, and the worst you can get in return is text, which one can ignore. That's the reason cyber bullying is such an issue, is that it's so much easier (and cowardly) to bully someone over the internet than face to face, because there's no consequence to it.

Anyways, my issue is not with cyberbullying, but what happened today in Montréal. Today was the St. Patrick's Day parade downtown, and there was an awful accident. A 19 year old kid was on the float representing his private, english college, and he was sitting where the float connects to the truck that pulls it. He tried to jump off, tripped, and was run over and killed. The Montréal Gazette posted the news story to their website, and as like any online article, there is the option to leave a comment. The comments on this article were unbelievably disrespectful. Basically, a few assholes were latching on to the fact that this kid attended an expensive private college, and because of that he was automatically a rich snob and deserved what he got. (If you're interested, this is the article, though by now most of the bad comments have been blocked. You can still get an idea of what was said based on peoples replies though)

It makes me so angry. You would NEVER disrespect the dead like that to someones face. This was a kid who just wanted to have fun at the St. Pat's parade and got in to a horrible accident, and people are insulting him and laughing about his death, and using it as an opportunity to diss capitalism, is if that had anything to do with it ("If he was a rich kid, then karma got him" ). The lack of respect some people have is apalling, it disgusts me.

That was an extreme example, but all you have to do is look on any youtube video, and people are picking fights and making extremely rude comments to each other.

Hiding behind your computer screen is pure cowardice. Grow up, get a life, and maybe get an actual conscience to maybe tell you that some things just aren't okay.
Posted on March 14th, 2010 at 04:57pm


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