Look back
What is it you live for these days?
Do you even remember?
All the time we’ve spent together
All the times
Even when things were rough
They had a way of turning up
For the better
And now you think you’re clever
To go and throw it all away
When you have nothing left to say
Don’t you know that’s when I feel best
When we’re alone and together
And nothing else matters
No words or looks
But now I feel empty
Eaten; crushed
I’m not sure what to do
All I know is
I still love you.

not sure who this is about but I was just writing and it came out so, yeah. :]

so I think I'm falling for this kid, right? yeah, we're getting pretty close. I like him alot and well, he says that he likes me too. and yet he's going to a party with some girl one of his friends is trying to hook him up with because he is afraid to say hey, I'm talking to a guy. I'm really scared he's going to fall for her or something of the sort because apparently she is a lot like one of his old girlfriends. He's "bi" if you were wondering. I hate that. I hate that people can't make up therir minds as to wether or not they attracted to males or females. seriously, its not a matter of deciding. It's accepting. and when you don't accept it, you put other people's hearts on the line and it hurts like anything. I honestly don't even know what to say anymore.

"oh, please don't go to the party. you're going to 'fall' for the girl and I'm going to be left in the dust." ya know?

oh well, bye.
Posted on April 16th, 2010 at 09:12am


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