Farewell to Adeline Clothing

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Adeline Street clothing posted an announcement on their MySpace stating that they won't be continuing the brand:

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Adeline Street clothing has left the building. What started off as a passion project to create from the heart, punk-inspired clothing has now taken a back seat to the source of its inspiration: rock-n-roll. Adeline Street clothing has decided not to move foward with future designs while Billie Joe and the guys are back in the studio working hard on their follow up to "American Idiot."

Adeline will sell off the remainder of its merchandise through the end of the year on various online stores including AngryYoungandPoor.com, AdelineRecords.com and OnePoster.com. This will not affect Adeline Records since the two companies are separate entities under the Adeline umbrella, so be assured Adeline music will play on. We would like to thank everyone that supported us and helped make this brand happen.

Thank you.

November 20th, 2008


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