409 in Your Coffeemaker song meaning

It's interesting that the name of the song doesn't have much to do with its lyrics. "409" is a degreaser disinfectant cleaner. Supposedly, while at school, Armstrong added the liquid to his teacher's coffee. So, the name of the song is probably the expression of the student's desire to finally do something that's fun instead of just listen to the same boring stuff from the teacher. It could also bear a certain amount of anger vibes flying teachers' way.

The lyrics of the song actually have a much deeper meaning than just whining about how boring school can be. The author is wondering in his in-class daydream whether it's his fault that he can't succeed in studying or it is just because he is not meant to. So many creative people have problems with the perfect order of the planned out "syllabied" education system. They are forced to follow the rules and do exactly as they are told, while their minds are reaching out for other goals. The creative twist of their minds is straightened out by strict school requirements; kids are told that they are simply too lazy and uncommitted...and after a while they start believing it.

Moreover, the song says that school doesn't always help you choose your path in life, doesn't ask you what you want to be in the future - it simply pushes you onto a certain road that is considered good for you. And if your interests and goals don't fit into the predetermined scheme, then school for you may end up being a waste of time and an eternal reason for wondering where you have gone wrong.

409 in Your Coffeemaker lyrics

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