Paper Lanterns song meaning

Paper Lanterns is a song about the aftermath of love. The narrator is talking about a feeling now buried in the back of his heart, after all the days of hoping and dreaming. He now knows that this love has no chance, they are only friends, he got closure. But there is still something left, he still has 'inappropriate' feelings about this person he used to love. "I find it hard to keep control when you're with your boyfriend"...The paper of a faded love and the fire of jealousy give a dangerous combination - paper lanterns. Jealousy is still burning inside this friendship - the narrator realizes that he will never have rest, the remains of love with never let him feel comfortable around this person. He's wondering why he keeps thinking about them - he accepts the fact that they are only friends, and yet he can't help the way he feels, because you can't tell your heart what to do.

Paper Lanterns lyrics

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