Going to Pasalacqua song meaning

In this song the narrator is expressing his insecurity and anxiety about a relationship that he's in. He thought the feeling was gone, but it's still there, still in his heart and making him want to be with the one he loves. Thinking about them, he realizes that his attitude hasn't changed a bit and he's still as much in love as he had been before. And so he decides that no matter what he will stay with the person he loves. He doesn't know whether this feeling will last forever, but he's willing to go through the hard times and enjoy being with the loved one for as long as he can.

As for the title of the song, it is quite unclear. There is a common belief that Pasalacqua is/was a funeral home in Rodeo, CA. However, it is difficult to find confirmation or disproof of this unless you were a Rodeo resident at the time the song was written. If it is indeed a funeral home, then it could add another side to the meaning of this song. It might mean that the person the narrator is in love with is dying or could die. And so he is trying to understand whether he wants to still stay with them or not, and decides that it's worth the fight and he wants to stay with the one he loves no matter what, and take whatever this relationship has to give.

Going to Pasalacqua lyrics

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