Longview song meaning

“Longview” is a term that refers to planning out one’s future. It might mean that the narrator of this song is looking at his life wondering what to do next and whether he even has a future. He’s an unemployed young man who spends most of his time at home watching TV, masturbating and getting high. He’s realistic about the fact that this all isn’t going to get him far, so he asks “peel me off this Velcro seat” as he knows it’s time to actually do something already, but he’s too lazy to even take a shower. 

When you get lazy and stop doing anything you eventually get caught up in the cage of your apathy (“I locked the door to my own cell and I lost the key”) and you can’t motivate yourself to do anything at all anymore. He wants to do something with his life but at the same time looks for excuses not to. As his mother tells him to get a job he mentions that she doesn’t like her own job as if to say “well, what’s the point?” And in the end even masturbation loses its fun only to prove once again that the narrator drowned in the deep well of his own laziness.

Longview lyrics

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