Having a Blast song meaning

If you perceive the lyrics of this song literally, you’ll see a man who comes to a public place with “explosives duct-taped” to his spine and a murderous plan settled in his brain. He’s going to kill himself and everyone around him and won’t listen to anyone trying to stop him or calm him down. This literal vision of the song gave birth to a theory that the song might be about suicide bombing. However, a closer look at the lyrics along with the fact that at the time the band hasn’t yet started expressing their views on serious political issues shows that most likely the song is about the destructive strength of anger and spiteful memories.

The narrator is so mad at someone or something in his past (“Do you ever think back to another time?”), some painful memory that scarred him so much that he’s unable to forget it, that he is now mad at the whole world and is ready to “lead a long trail of destruction” as if hurting people around him would avenge his own pain. He’s so irritated and angry that all the small things that bug him keep adding up and override all goodness in him, turning him into a killing machine that doesn’t care about anyone or anything anymore. He’s so blinded by his anger that everything around him, including other people, becomes nothing and all he wants to do is destroy any source of irritation and all the “bullshit that confronts” him just to satisfy the burning anger inside of him. And in that process he also destroys himself.

Having a Blast lyrics

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