F.O.D. (Fuck Off and Die) song meaning

Fuck Off and Die... a song describing a truly horrible feeling that a lot of us have to experience at some point in life. And that would be having to deal with a person you absolutely cannot stand. That often happens with a colleague, boss, classmate or even a parent - you have to see that person every day, communicate with them and pretend that your relationship is fine, while in your dreams you see yourself slowly cutting their head off and enjoying every second of it. And, of course, every once in a while you have major fights - torching the bridge between you, but you still have to see each other every day, so you keep putting those fires out.
But the hatred and irritation keeps "burning in your guts", and one day you just spew it all out telling the object of your disgust how much you really despise them - telling them to fuck off and die. What a relief...

Musically the song consists of 2 parts - the quiet one and the loud one. This basically demonstrates the 2 stages of this hateful relationship - first you deal with that person and keep suppressing your anger, and then you spit it all out. And this bottled up rage is so destructive for your dignity that when you finally burst, you feel almost proud of finally telling the truth - and the more insulting it is the better you feel...

F.O.D. (Fuck Off and Die) lyrics

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