Waiting song meaning

"It's about putting your best foot forward, even if you don't have any idea what's in store for the future, about trying to make a difference in your own life, about having high goals even though you're not fully sure of what you want or where you're going to end up. You just keep moving forward and don't give up." - Armstrong.

Waiting is a very emotional song filled with optimism and positivity. The narrator is describing his feelings about his future and opportunities. This moment that he's been waiting for is not something material, but simply the time when he feels he can start a new life, do something he wouldn't have dared to do before. He is now open to something new and willing to take risks, even though he has no idea what exactly he's going to do and what's waiting for him in the future. It's the "dawning of a new era", the narrator wants to make some major change in his life, try to do something big, something that will make a difference. He doesn't know whether he will succeed or fail, but this moment he's been waiting for is now here, "ready or not at all".

Waiting lyrics

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