Hitchin' a Ride song meaning

Most likely the song is about a struggle with an addiction since the lyrics are filled with alcohol terminology ("happy hour", "off the wagon"). The narrator is describing his need for intoxication ("I need a break as well, the well that inebriates the guilt"), yet he wants to get back on the wagon because he realizes that alcohol is destroying his life. The eternal battle with an addiction is vividly portrayed through contrasting the need for a drink described in the verses ("There's a drought at the fountain of youth and now I'm dehydrated") and the desire to quit that is shown in the chorus ("Troubled times, you know I cannot lie - I'm off the wagon and I'm hitchin' a ride"). The devil on one shoulder says "You need a fix", the angel on the other shoulder says "Hitch a ride out of this!".

Armstrong is said to have written this song in the early days of the band, when he had problems with alcohol addiction, which he now claims to be rid of.

Hitchin' a Ride lyrics

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