Haushinka song meaning

In this song the narrator talks about a girl he met “on the eve of his birthday”. The way he talks about her reveals that he liked her a lot and now keeps wondering if she knew how he felt about her. He keeps thinking about what happened to her and if she found her way. And he realizes that it’s too late to dream of meeting her again and all he’s left with is a memory, yet he keeps “kicking himself” and regretting that he didn’t act the way he should have when she was still around.

There’s a legend that this song is about a girl Armstrong met in Japan. However, this rumor is not confirmed. It’s possible, that the song is not just about this one girl or anyone in particular, but about parting with people before you get a chance to tell them how you feel about them. And for the rest of your life you can only wonder what ever happened to them and whether they remember you and know about how you feel.

Haushinka lyrics

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