Walking Alone song meaning

This song is about being abandoned by all friends and acquaintances due to a certain type of behavior.

The narrator has obviously been rejected because of the way he acted and the way he communicated with people around him. "This time I think I stuck my foot in my mouth" - he's obviously been impolite and rude, which caused people to turn away from him. And now he regrets how he's been acting, admits his mistakes. He's not mad at people for turning their backs on him, since he realizes that he deserves to be avoided. This realization now makes him feel even worse and he drowns his sorrow in alcohol ("Isn't that another familiar face? Too drunk to figure out, they're fading away"), which obviously doesn't help his situation at all.

The line "Isn't that another familiar face? Too drunk to figure out, they're fading away" also opens a possibility that the loneliness the narrator now has to face was caused not only by his inability to act respectfully, but also by his indulgence in alcohol. "Thinking out loud and acting in vain" - it's a well known fact that someone who is drunk loses their ability to fully control their emotions and actions. So, if the narrator indeed had an alcohol addiction, then he might have driven people away with his constant inappropriate comments and behavior caused by alcohol intoxication. And now when everyone turned away from him, the misery leads to even more drinking and he gets locked up in the cycle of his own addiction and loneliness.

Walking Alone lyrics

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