Redundant song meaning

Redundant is a very sad and honest love song. It describes something that happens to people who have been together for a very long time - they still love each other but everything seems the same, repetitive and redundant. In the beginning of a relationship everything is so new and exciting - the first time you say "I love you", it's such a special thing. But each time you say it, it loses more and more of its exclusiveness, you say "I love you" each time you end a phone conversation, or go to work in the morning - and soon it becomes a cliché that has practically no feeling left in it, and that's when "I love you's not enough" anymore and you don't know what to say to let your partner know what you actually feel towards them ("I'm lost for words"). You still love each other, but you're so used to having each other around that you're "taken for granted", everything in your life becomes "choreographed" and your feelings turn to routine.

Redundant lyrics

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