Stuck with Me song meaning

There is a rumor that the song got its name because of a studio mix-up. Someone named it "Stuck with Me" by mistake, the band found the name fitting and left it that way. The name originally belonged to a different song, which then had to be renamed and got a meaningless title "Do Da Da". This is, however, just a rumor and there is no official confirmation of the matter.

There are two most common theories about the meaning of this song. The first one says that the narrator simply states that he's a loser, the world is bringing him down and nothing will ever change that - "I know I'm not alright". He admits that he doesn't have enough will or talent to fight the problems that life makes him face, and so he ends up "giving up the fight".

But the sarcasm and anger in this song give birth to another theory: the narrator doesn't actually consider himself a loser, but states that the world makes him believe that he's a loser, while he might have the potential to be a success.
The song doesn't describe problems of just one person - the narrator in this song is only an example. "Class structure waving colors, bleeding from my throat" - he says that he doesn't want to be a part of someone's elite, doesn't want to fit into the system or be subjugated, he just wants to have his own individuality and just be who he is. However, the world doesn't allow him that luxury. "Throw me back into the gutter" - he's sarcastically describing how life keeps making him more and more miserable and worthless, while he really could have been a lot more successful if not for the messed up world and society that we live in. And, of course, the narrator is not the only person that experiences those difficulties - there are many more undervalued people out there.

Stuck with Me lyrics

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